Get your Website Ranking in just 30 Days with our super simple, step-by-step SEO Action Plan.

Did you that if your website ranks number 1 on Google for a particular keyword, you could be getting 42% of the traffic? That could literally change your entire business!

Getting to number 1 on Google should be your biggest priority

For most businesses, SEO is the difference between success and failure online.

The biggest challenge is increasing the traffic to your website. Some businesses invest in these awesome looking website and even do all the right things to make there site easy to use, but the simply fall short on the most important thing… Marketing your Website.

It’s pretty simple, if no-one knows your there then you just wont get the traffic. Don’t get the traffic and Search Engines like Google just dont think your site is worth visiting and then you simply dont rank well. It’s a viscious cycle.

Every day clients ask us “How do I get to the top of Google?” and the answer is simple… Learn how to master Google… in other words: Search Engine Optmisation!

Now you could pay the professional’s (Like Us) to do your SEO for you (which is still a great option if you have the budget!) but there are also some simple steps you can take and do it yourself and save your money! And like we keep saying, The Web Design ACE does the Web Different!! We want our clients to save money where they can.

In this simple yet powerful step-by-step guide, you’ll learn:
How to choose the right killer keywords to attract visitors that will buy, buy, buy.
Must-do steps you need to do to optimise your website ‘on-page’ SEO and make it Google friendly.
How to write compelling Page Titles & Meta Descriptions for people and search engines BUT that make people want to click.
Traffic estimates for different top Google rankings and what you can expect.
A complete workbook and the tools to complete and track your success throughout the 30 days. (Plus what to do after the 30 days is up.)
Advanced tips on link-building strategies to improve your ‘off-page’ SEO.
Plus much, much, more!

Who is this for?
This SEO For Beginners Action Plan is ideal for any small business wanting more traffic to their website, also anyone wanting to climb the ranks of Google but unsure of the missing ingredients and any website newbie about to embark on creating their website. This guide covers the basics of keyword research and SEO and the crucial steps you need to take to ensure your ‘on-page’ SEO is in a healthy order to bring traffic to your site.

We’ve made this usually complicated and daunting task super easy for you by breaking it down into little bite-sized steps you can implement without fuss and without getting overwhelmed by the whole technical aspect of SEO.

If you fail to implement these simple steps, you’ll struggle to make it online.

Download it now and we’ll send it to you immediately so you can get to work on implementing your first step today and be 29 days closer to a better Google ranking!

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